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We reinforce the KKE in the local-regional election in May 2019 voting for the lists of "People's Rally"

On May 26 2019, together with the European elections, will be held in Greece and the elections for regional and local authorities. So these elections will be triple and the workers must take a position in all three ballots.

In Greece traditionally in the local elections the political parties do not put forward lists, even if the candidates and lists are clearly supported by political parties. The bourgeois parties seek to present their candidates under various names, as "Independent" and "competent" in resolving local issues and managing correctly the system of "local government".

In contrast to all this bourgeois propaganda, the KKE stresses that the local authorities that will be elected on 26/5 are an extension of the state administration, and so the local elections are not "something different" but completely assimilated into the political confrontation as a whole. The KKE puts forward unified electoral lists in every region and municipality under the name "People's Rally" with the red carnation as its symbol.

The KKE calls on the workers, the unemployed, the farmers, the self-employed, the pensioners, the youth to join forces with it in the European, regional and local elections.

The real dilemma that the people face in the local elections is as follows: Will we continue on the same road, of this rotten exploitative system, which demonstrably brings new torments and catastrophes or will we counterattack in a mass and dynamic way everywhere in order to pave the way for the satisfaction of the contemporary social needs?

The administrations of the municipalities and regions, whether they are in the hands of the governmental social-democratic party of Syriza, or to the "opposition" of other bourgeois forces, implemented and supported the orders of the government and EU to buttress local government as a pillar for the business groups, as a mechanism for the anti-people political line and the heave taxation of the people.

The KKE stresses that only the forces of "People's Rally" whether they are in control of the municipality (As happened in the previous period happened in 5 municipalities, Patras, the 3rd largest city in the country, but also in Kaisariani, Petroupoli, Haidari, Ikaria) or not, can function as a real people's opposition. The communist mayors, the municipal and regional councilors with "People's Rally" in the 5 years have passed took up the demands of the labour-people's movement, opposed all aspects of the anti-people political line of the European Union, the governments, came into conflict with the businessmen. With a plethora of militant mobilizations, they sought solutions to the people's problems, won victories, they gave courage to the people.
The candidates of "People's Rally", of the lists supported by the KKE all over Greece, are tried and tested militants of the labour movement, the radical movements of the poor farmers and self-employed, scientists, women, youth.

With the list of "People's Rally" supported by the KKE, the people can answer the unified attack on their lives and rights unleashed by capital and its governments, the European Union, the municipalities and regions. It can strengthen the only pole of resistance and prospect for the people, against the SYRIZA-ND two pole system, which is being set up to trap the people's discontent. With a powerful KKE everywhere, the people can impede, delay the anti-people measures, to fight for measures to relieve the people's families, to pave the way for radical changes to be imposed, so that the people can live better.

The KKE calls on the people not to search for the difference between the chosen candidates of the bourgeois parties in the municipalities and regions which will implement the same political line. To make a real difference, giving strength their own voice. Strengthening the lists supported by the KKE, "People's Rally" everywhere.