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Unacceptable attempt for the recognition of the myth of “Golodomor”

The MEPs of the KKE issued a statement denouncing the signature collecting campaign launched by infamous far-right and anti-communist MEPs regarding the famine in Ukraine during 1932–1933.


As it points out, “confirming the Greek saying ‘out from a crow’s mouth will come a caw’, they distort the historical truth in order to make it fit their own needs. With unhistorical and unsubstantiated claims, recently adopted by the German parliament, they invoke the alleged ‘deliberate extermination of the Ukrainian people by the Soviet Union, the Bolsheviks, and Stalin’.

It turns out that the ‘genocide of the Ukrainian people by the Bolsheviks’ was a well-planned slander of the Nazi propaganda based on evidence that was later revealed as fake photographs by the fraud, alleged journalist Walker, and published in 1935 in an US newspaper of the pro-Nazi press tycoon Hearst.

The cause of the famine, apart from the drought and typhus epidemic that had indeed struck Ukraine and Russia in the period 1930–1932, was mainly the fact that the big farmers, the kulaks, fiercely resisted the attempt to collectivize agriculture by preventing the harvest of grain, trying to sabotage agricultural machinery, setting fire to grain warehouses, killing animals, refusing to sow and harvest, and murdering farmers and cadres–organizers of collectivization. Moreover, the actual number of famine victims has nothing to do with the astronomical figures fabricated by the Euro-Atlantic propaganda lie machine. The Russian bourgeoisie also bears heavy responsibility for this development, as, since the Yeltsin period and up to Putin’ rule today, it has added fuel to the fire of anti-communism, adopting many of the slanders against the USSR and the socialist system.

It is with this kind of despicable claims that the Euro-Atlantic apologists attempt to identify today’s capitalist Russia and the unacceptable invasion of Ukraine with the USSR. Their aim is to whitewash the EU, the USA, NATO, and their competition with capitalist Russia, which has led both the Ukrainian and Russian people to the slaughterhouse of war. This is an attempt aiming to embellish the repulsive fascist and nationalist gangs of Nazi collaborators of the Bandera type during the Second World War, whose political descendants have led the events in Ukraine since 2014, with the support of the Ukrainian governments, the EU, and NATO.

They distort the historical truth to bring it in line with their imperialist war propaganda, revealing their impasses and their inability to convince of their capitalist barbarity without resorting to slander and lies.

The example of the Great October Socialist Revolution, the conquests and achievements of the socialist construction of the USSR are a thorn in the flesh of the opponents of the peoples. The slander will fail.

The truth will shine and the peoples will find their way to defend their rights and interests, for a world without exploitation, impoverishment, wars, and refugees; for socialism–communism.”