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The youth on the path of struggle together with the KKE

Dimitris Koutsoumpas, GS of the CC of the KKE, stressed in his speech to the young people that the solution for the daily impasses they are experiencing is to be found by joining forces with the KKE in the direction of disputing and overthrowing the current rotten system.


He mentioned that there are many who are eager for a coalition government the day after the elections and that they have one goal, the implementation of the third harsh memorandum. He highlighted the position of the industrialists who –as he said- are demanding a government that will fully align itself with the aims of the agreed memorandum, and he stressed that “this position is goes hand in hand with the statements of the main parties of the old and new regime.”


He added that the business groups are demanding anti-people measures and noted that “the governments are their tools and organs. This is also true of the SYRIZA-ANEL government which demonstrated very quickly that when you accept the capitalist development path and the EU commitments as being sacred, then you will implement the same anti-people political line as the previous governments, you will sign memoranda.”


He criticized SYRIZA for exploiting the desire of the youth and people to be rid of the memoranda and brought the third and worst one. It traded on the lie that the lives of the youth could be changed simply by voting and without dealing with those who are really guilty. It fully observed its commitments to provide privileges and backing to the major business groups. It faithfully served the EU directives and obligations. It actively participated in the NATO exercises, at the same time promoting the installation of a new US base in the Aegean Sea etc.


D. Koutsoumpas noted that these “labours” do not just bear Tsipras’ signature. They also bear the signatures of Lafazanis, Stratoulis and the rest of those who have now left SYRIZA and are to be found in “Popular Unity”.


He accused the so-called “Popular Unity” of giving a “leftwing alibi” to the government and at the same time of disarming the movement and that now with a “large dose of shamelessness” it is asking for the votes of leftwing and radical people and of the youth and “proposes to us again the same version of SYN/SYRIZA that we have already bitter experience of, once again sowing false hopes and expectations in a failed political proposal.”


He warned that the programme of the new government “has already been fixed, it is a barbaric and anti-people one”, he made an appeal “that no vote that left ND and PASOK should return to them. They are fanatical supporters of capital’s polices that have crushed the popular families. Now they can only be correctly and reliably directed towards the KKE.”


As regards the issue of unemployment he said that the positions of the other parties are identical, designed for the business groups, the EU directions and the capitalist development path. The provisions and measures of the third memorandum serve this path, which “the poorly written copy of SYRIZA, the so-called Popular Unity” also defends.


He called for the reinforcement of solidarity with the refugees and the isolation of fascist Golden Dawn and its racist poison, which he characterized as being the “guard dog of the bosses” on the basis of its positions and activity.


The GS of the CC of the KKE announced that the central events of the 41st Festival of KNE-Odigitis, which were postponed due to the elections, will be held on the 8,9 and 10th of October.


Video from the rally


Video with an extract from the concert