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The alternative solution that is in the people’s interests is to be found on the path to overthrow capitalism. This requires a strong KKE in every sector and neighbourhood.

The GS of the CC of the party, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, speaking on the 27/8 at the major rally organized by the Attica Party Organization in Syntagma sq. opposite Parliament, called on the people to contribute to the organization of the struggle for the overthrow of capitalism with their votes as well, by strengthening the consistent and militant voice of the KKE for the real way out.


The rally was the launching pad for the call to strengthen the KKE in the elections to reach every popular household, starting from today.


“You have tried them… Now the solution is to be found on the path to overthrow the system, joining forces with the KKE”, was the slogan written behind the podium of the rally, expressing in a condensed way the call of the communists for the people to evaluate their experiences from the previous years and months, to judge using their experience what they hear and see today, to reach the ballot box holding the list of the KKE in their hands.


D. Koutsoumpas stressed that in reality parties like SYRIZA, ND, POTAMI, PASOK and ANEL, which voted for the 3rd memorandum (agreement) of the government with the imperialist organizations (EU, IMF, ECB), are asking the people to say “yes” with their votes to the massacre of their rights, to choose which government will implement the 3rd memorandum. He stressed that the people must not be tricked by SYRIZA’s promises for a better management of the memorandum, and that no votes from the popular strata must return to ND and PASOK or be trapped by POTAMI.


The GS of the CC of the KKE called on the workers to reject the effort to revive the fraudulent anti-memorandum line of “SYRIZA Mark 2”, which is expressed by the new party ‘Popular Unity”. He noted the responsibilities of the members of Popular Unity who had participated in the SYRIZA-ANEL government, and that this party defends capitalist ownership and power, just as the rest of the parties do.


He also asked the people not to absolve the criminal fascist Golden Dawn organization and referred to its criminal activity (murders, assaults) and exposed the fact that this organization supports the interests of the bourgeois class.


Finally, he made a detailed reference to the political proposal of the KKE, noting that it is the only hopeful proposal that can finally put an end to the anti-people measures, which are being imposed in order to serve the capitalist development path. He stressed that the people must become the masters of the economy and power, joining forces with the KKE, for a real workers’-people’s sovereignty and power.


He argued that today better conditions can be formed for the organization and regroupment of the labour movement, the reinforcement of the people’s alliance, in order to pave the way for the overthrow of the system. A more powerful KKE in every sector and neighbourhood is needed for this course.