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Some information on the KKE’s election results

The KKE received 301,632 votes, 5.55%, in the elections of September 20th. It maintained its 15 MPs.


In an atmosphere of polarization, in particularly complex and unfavourable domestic and international conditions, the KKE waged a tough political battle, strengthening its contacts with broad working class and popular masses. In this briefing note, we will provide some data about the election results, which are not easy for workers from other countries to find.


In many popular neighbourhoods, where the workers live and work, the percentage of the KKE is much higher than its nationwide average. A characteristic example of this is that in 24 municipalities in Athens and Piraeus, the KKE’s percentage was higher than that of fascist GD and the social-democratic “Democratic Alignment” (PASOK-DIMAR) and achieved third place. We can refer as examples of this the municipality of Kaisariani where the KKE received 11.71%, Petroupoli with 9.94%, Haidari 8.49%, Nea Ionia 9.54%, Nikaia 9.29% and Peristeri 8.76%.


The KKE won third place in 7 electoral regions, including the largest one Athens B with 6.8%, as well as Larisa with 7.25%.


The KKE received a high percentage in a number of islands, in some places increasing its vote. It won 1st place in Ikaria with 33.2% (up from 31.8% in the January 2015 elections), in Fourni it was in 2nd place with 23.14%. It also received high percentages in the following islands: Ithaca 14.33%, Lesvos 10.68%, Lefkada 10.48%, Zakynthos 10.18%, Kephalonia 10.12%, Samos 10.05%.


As the CC of the KKE stressed: “It will utilize the actual rallying of forces to do what it promised to the people: to be a strong workers’ and people’s opposition in the Parliament and above all in the movement, to strengthen the People’s Alliance that will fight concerning today’s problems but also for the future.”