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    The low turnout of the people of FYROM for the referendum was the main issue concerning yesterday’s proceedings, in spite of the fact that a host of NATO, USA and EU officials paraded all over the neighboring country in order to put pressure for the approval of the Prespa Accord and to accelerate the process for the incorporation of the country into the  aforementioned imperialist organizations.

    Despite the international pressure, the low participation in a referendum with the question “Yes or No to integration into NATO and into the EU, by accepting the Accord” demonstrates that a section of the people in FYROM holds a negative stance, or at least a cautious stance towards the blackmail declaring that integration into these alliances – that are enemies of the peoples – is the only way.

    The results of the referendum express above all, the sharpened inter-imperialist contradictions between NATO – USA – EU on the one hand, and Russia on the other, as well as the intervention of nationalist forces.

    The SYRIZA – ANEL government has been exposed for promoting – as NATO’s flag-bearer – the blackmail for a dangerous deal to be accepted. It demonstrated once again that cosmopolitanism cannot be a response to nationalism; cosmopolitanism has its source in the plans for the expansion of the imperialist alliances and is the other side of the same coin.

    The adventurist stance of Zaev, who more or less announced that he will ignore the low turnout in the referendum, highlights what bourgeois democracy is all about. It is not the first time that attempts are made to reverse the results of a referendum that are not to the liking of the imperialist centers. On this issue, Mr Tsipras can offer a great deal of expertise to Mr Zaev.

    It is obvious that in the coming period the pressure towards the two peoples to accept the Accord will continue in order to advance Euro-Atlantic integration into the Western Balkans. The competitions between the powerful forces that are transforming the wider region into a gunpowder warehouse will continue and intensify.

    The KKE calls upon the Greek people and the people of FYROM to forge their common struggle, in solidarity and genuine internationalism, against nationalism and imperialism, against NATO and the EU, their governments and parties. On these grounds a mutually acceptable solution can be found, leaving out all phenomena of irredentism,  with a composite name, with a geographical designation.

ATHENS 1/10/2018                                              THE PRESS OFFICE OF THE CC OF THE KKE