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PAME: Everyone onto the streets

A new demonstration will be organized by PAME on Tuesday 23rd of June in Omonia at 6pm.

PAME is calling for a “people’s mobilization to block the savage new anti-people agreement, the new anti-people package they are going to burden us with.”

On the same day, the pensioners will hold a national demonstration in Athens.


PAME notes in its statement for the demonstration that:

“The solution is to be found in the struggles under the banners of the workers’-people’s interests, on the basis of our rights and needs and not those of the bosses. The solution is to be found in the confrontation in the workplaces, in the complete counterattack against our exploiters, who are the only ones to have profited from the new barbaric measures.


We set our own red lines!

We turn our backs on those who want us to applaud the government and its partners, the cheerleaders of a negotiation that is leading us to poverty for the profits of the few.

We turn our backs on the defenders of the EU, the unions of capital and their servants who are protesting for their right to continue to live off the sweat of others, to continue to exploit the vast majority of the people even more savagely.


We have nothing to do with them! We are not the same!

We do not place our slogans and banners under false flags. We do not have the same interests, the same needs, the same anxieties and difficulties as our exploiters.

You are either with the monopolies or with the people’s needs! There is no other way! Our path is that of struggle, of rupture with the EU and the path of the monopolies.


No support for the new memorandum whatever name they give it!


No acceptance of the barbaric and anti-people EU!

On the 11th of June over 700 workers’ and people’s organizations gave a strong response in 60 Greek cities.

On Tuesday, the voice of the workers, the pensioners, the youth, the women will be heard again.

Our struggles are not a game in the competition of the monopolies, the proposals and political line of the EU, IMF, ECB, Russia and China. The people have no interests in choosing the rope these forces will use to hang them, their interests lie in calling these forces’ power into question.

The EU “one-way street” has been demonstrated to be disastrous and damaging for the workers’-people’s interests.


Everyone must join the struggles!


Workers, unemployed, young people.

Do not accept:

  • The new and old anti-social security laws.
  • The continuing attacks on the people’s income, salaries. Pensions.
  • The new taxes and levies.


Our lives can not endure other measures. Our needs can not wait. We demand, here and now, in opposition to the intimidation and blackmail:

  • Increases in salaries, pensions and benefits.
  • Recovery of all the losses.
  • Restoration of the Collective labour agreements.
  • Abolition of the anti-worker laws.
  • Real protection of al the unemployed.


We organize our response!


We gather our strength!


We strengthen our trade unions in every sector. We respond militantly! We smash the climate of fear, the blackmail and threats of the bosses, the government, the EU-IMF-ECB.


Only our strength and stance can abolish the anti-people laws, memoranda and bosses!”