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No “second chance” for the anti-people plans and illusions

The intense activity of the communists of Greece for the elections on the 20th of September is under way with the slogan “You have tried them… Now the solution is to be found on the path to overthrow the system, joining forces with the KKE” so that the political proposal of the KKE reaches every family from the working class and popular strata.


At the same time, the “leftwing” SYRIZA is asking the people to give it “a new opportunity”, claiming that it will elaborate a “parallel” programme, which will allegedly in practice negate the most anti-people aspects of the memorandum, the agreement it signed with the imperialist institutions: the EU, IMF, ECB.


On the other side, “rightwing” ND, “centrist” POTAMI and social-democratic PASOK, which also voted in parliament in favour of the 3rd memorandum, are trying to conceal their strategic convergence with SYRIZA. They are promising that they will bring capitalist ‘growth”, which allegedly will save the people, and that SYRIZA can not do this as it has been demonstrated in its 6 months in government to be “incompetent” and “unprepared”.


Fascist Golden Dawn, once again is trying to exploit the question of immigration in our country, sowing racism and xenophobia, with the aim of strengthening its electoral performance and continuing its criminal activity, as the “guard dog” of capital.


SIRIZA mark 2, so-called “Popular Unity”, which is comprised of ministers and MPs from SYRIZA, who split from it a month ago after the government’s resignation, are sowing illusions amongst the workers that there can be a pro-people administration inside the EU, by returning to a national currency (if necessary) and by transforming the banks into “charitable institutions” that will provide ready money as a tool for (capitalist) growth.  In this way, they are using the same arguments deployed by SYRIZA before the elections in January 2015.


In these conditions, the KKE is stressing that the people must not give a “second chance” to the parties that support the path of capitalist development and the EU, the path that brings the memoranda and the anti-people measures. They must not approve the implementation of the new anti-people memorandum with their votes. They must not give a “second chance” to those who, in the recent past as well, sowed illusions about the “humanization” of capitalism.


Dimitris Koutsoumpas, speaking at an event in commemoration of the “Kokkinia Blockade” (when in August 1944 the German fascists and their local collaborators rounded up the entire male population of this popular neighbourhood of Piraeus in the square in order to identify and then execute over 200 communists and other resistance militants), said: “It is in our hands over the next few weeks to nullify the traps they are setting, one by one. Traps like the new shock-absorber, SYRIZA mark 2 of Lafazanis, which serves the same goal as it did before, but from another position now, which is the recovery of capitalist profitability. We are initiating a broad discussion with the working class, the people, the youth, that with a strong KKE we can fight against the memoranda which bankrupt the people. We can pave the way for the final liberation form the anti-people agreements-memoranda. We can rid ourselves of those forces which are really responsible for the situation: the power of capital and its unions.”