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Hope for women is to be found on the path of collective demands and class struggle

 The CC of the KKE honoured the 8th of March, International Women's Day, on the evening of Saturday (4/3) with a moving event in the conference hall of the CC. Hundreds of women and men of all ages filled the hall as well as the foyer in order to follow the event, which had the following slogan:"Together with the KKE in the struggle for women's equality and their contemporary needs".




The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, addressed a message of greetings at the event. In reference to the significance of the 8th of March he noted amongst other things:"The sacrifice of the women workers in the textile mills and garment factories of New York in 1857 for fundamentally better working conditions has left its mark on the militant class character of the anniversary. As indeed every great moment in the history of the international labour movement leaves a legacy behind it and militant experience for the future. It teaches us that hope and optimism for the women of the working class and popular strata can be created on the path of collective demands and class struggle for women's equality and emancipation."

Immediately after the speech, there followed a performance of the play "The Embroidery", which was prepared and performed by the music-theatre group of the Thessaly Regional Organization of the KKE. The play, inspired by the history of the unbowed women of the class struggle, moved the audience and the participants were warmly applauded.