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For a strong KKE, against the EU of capital, crises, poverty, wars. In the struggle for disengagement from the EU, for a Greece and Europe of socialism

The members of the KKE and KNE, its friends are devoting all their forces in order for the message "strong KKE everywhere" in every ballot to reach as widely as possible. Together with them, hundreds of supporters are participating in the struggle with the lists of "People's Rally", the electoral formation that the KKE supports in the local elections, amongst them several candidates who have come from SYRIZA and PASOK, who have been cooperating with the KKE in the recent period.

The crucial issue that the KKE poses for the people is the need via these elections to denounce the anti-people path of the EU, capital and its governments, which are responsible for the crushing of the lives and the rights of the people.

-The KKE calls on the people to denounce the anti-people political line of the Syriza government, which with the support of ND and the other political forces of the bourgeois class is responsible for the country's entanglement in the imperialist antagonisms in the name of "development" and geostrategic enhancement. The KKE in good time highlighted and warned that Syriza, as the new social-democracy, would have an inevitably anti-people trajectory, from the moment it undertook the management of the capitalist system and supports and tries to prettify the EU and NATO, the USA and the "devilishly good" Trump, as he was described by the Prime Minister A. Tsipras.

- The KKE calls for the rejection of the so-called EU one way street, because the EU, which is a union of capital, cannot be improved in favour of the peoples, cannot be democratized, cannot be transformed into a Europe of the workers. The fierce antagonisms that are escalating with the Brexit of the British bourgeoisie from the EU, whatever the outcome, will end up with the people footing the bill. The trade wars, tarrifs, the sanctions bear witness to the intensification of the contradictions bringing even closer the possibility of military conflicts. The military preparations of the EU, its excellent collaboration with NATO, its intensifying militarization, and with mechanisms like PESCO, confirms this.

The KKE reveals to the people that the EU, the governments and parties of capital advance the so-called "European Pillar of Social Rights", which legitimises the most barbaric labour conditions on the basis of permanent supervision, the constant memorandums of the EU that are true for all the EU countries. The EU suffocates working class popular needs and establishes the line of "minimum rights" for the destitute, generalizing the commercialization, the handing over healthcare, education, social security to the business groups.

The KKE rejects the line of entrapment of the people in fake dilemmas being set up again before the elections, with the bourgeois parties sharing out the roles: the "left" Syriza, the "right" ND, the "centrist" KINAL/PASOK του "αριστερού" ΣΥΡΙΖΑ, the fascist GD. It rejects, amongst other things the fake "anti-fascism" and the fake confrontation between the so-called "Progressive/European" and "nationalist/conservative" forces. And this is the why all of them together serve the real enemy of the people, the profitability of the monopolies, the dangerous imperialist plans of NATO.

Only with a powerful KKE, can the people isolate the Nazi-criminal Golden Dawn in order to strengthen the struggle against racism, fascism and the far-right, anti-communism. These reactionary forces feed off the anti-people political line of the EU and the capitalist system which its parties serve and the anti-historical equation of communism with fascism.

A powerful YES to the KKE means a powerful NO to the EU of capital, crises, poverty and wars. YES to the KKE means YES to the struggle for disengagement from the EU, for a Greece and Europe of socialism.

In this direction, the KKE has cosigned the relevant "Appeal" with dozens of other communist and workers parties of Europe.