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European Parliament Resolution on Cuba: organized infiltration plan for the EU monopolies

During the Plenary Session in Strasbourg, the KKE’s MEP, Kostas Papadakis, made an intervention about the resolution of the European Parliament concerning the “EU-Cuba Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement” and noted the following:

“The unacceptable resolution promoted by the EU and the European Parliament is an organized plan leading to the infiltration of the EU monopolies, the establishment of reactionary mechanisms and NGOs into Cuba. Both the US embargo and the EU’s interventions are aimed against the Cuban people.

The EU and its governments of the imperialist wars and interventions, of the 20 million officially unemployed, of the tens of millions living below the poverty line, wag their fingers about human rights at the Cuban people, which for decades eliminated unemployment, expressed the necessity of abolishing the exploitation of man by man. In a country that, despite the sanctions, had achievements that are unattainable for the capitalist countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We denounce the long-standing blockade of US imperialism and the EU’s interventions against Cuba. We stand firmly at the side of the Cuban people and we express our solidarity with the Cuban revolution”.