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Excerpts from the speech of GiorgosMarinos, Member of the PB of the CC of the KKE, in Berlin (20/11/21)

A crucial issue the defense of the principles of socialist construction, workers’ power, the socialization of the means of production and central planning

Speaking at an event of the Central European Party Organization of the KKE, George Marinosnoted, among other things:

Today we are honoring the 103rd anniversary of the KKE that was founded on such days in the working-class city of Piraeus. Wearehonoring the struggles of the party of the working class that has asserted its militant presence, unceasingly, throughout all the historic periods of conflict with the exploiters and their political representatives.

The KKE led the way in all the struggles of our people, wrote historic pages in the resistance against the fascist occupier, it played the leading rolein the civil war, in the harsh class battle waged by the Democratic Army of Greece, it was in the front line against the military junta and in the years after until today.

Wehonorourunyielding comrades of the class struggle, the thousands of militant men and women who offered up their youth and their lives to the peoples’ struggle, in the prisons and in exile, facing the execution squads.

With this valuable experience, the KKE continues its course, with new forces equipped with revolutionary strategy for the development of the anti-monopoly, anti-capitalist struggle, for the overthrow of the capitalist exploitative system, for socialism-communism. (…)

(…) Overtime,allways of managingcapitalism, restrictive or expansionist policies and various combinations, have been tried out. The bourgeois governments, liberal, social democratic or coalition formations, alternate, however their common denominator is their multi-faceted support for big capital, funding itwith billions of euros, legislation which intensifies the exploitation of the working class, the squeezing of the middle strata in the millstones of the monopolies.

Inpracticeithasbeen proven that there has never been and there will never be capitalist development for all, exploiters and exploited, there is no such thing as just capitalism.

Everywhere, the following irrefutable conclusions are substantiated, which emphasizethe guilt of capitalism: While the development of science and technology allow the working people to live better, the gap between wealth-poverty, between capital and labor, is widening. The new generations are forced to live under worse conditions than their parents did.

Capitalism is an obstacle to social development, it is responsible for workers’ popular problems, for imperialist war and this huge truth shows the direction of struggle for overthrow, for the abolition of exploitation, for Socialism which is the answer for the 21st century.

Socialismisidentifiedwith social progress because in place of the criterion of profit for the few, comes the satisfaction of the needs of the many. Power passes into the hands of the working class and is wielded with the participation of the people who play an active role in decision-making and the implementation of decisions, in monitoring at all levels of power.

Thegreatadvantageofsocialism, thetruenew is the social ownership of the means of production, the wealth produced by the working people. On this ground, centralplanningcanset and achieve scientifically determined social goals in agricultural and industrial production, in social services.

This is the driving force that ensures the right to work for all, the upgrading of all rights, based on the requirements of the 21st century, the laying of foundations for building mutually beneficial relations, so the peoples can live in peace.

We defend the achievements of socialism in the Soviet Union, the German Democratic Republic, and the other socialist states. We are not afraid of the critical examination of socialist construction in the 20th century, of the mistakes and omissions, of the opportunistic deviations that fueled its counter-revolution and overthrow.

Wearetaughtfrom all of this! Examining the causes of the causes of counter-revolution gave the KKE strength, helped it to elaborate its positions on the socialism that will be built on the terrain of the new possibilities offered by science and technology.

These issues concern the communist movement, a struggle is taking place, and the discussion needs to open up even further in order to deal with ideological-political problems and to regroupitself on a revolutionary basis, to decisively clash with the bourgeoisie, its governments and its parties, with social democracy and opportunism, with imperialist unions.

A crucial issue is the defense of the principles of socialist construction, workers’ power, the socialization of the means of production and of central planning. Withouttheseprinciples, socialism cannot be constructed, only a caricature of it; capitalism is maintained, the criterion of profit is maintained, labor power remains a commodity.

The communist movement is called upon to overcome many pitfalls that obscure scientific socialism and its principles.

We note this in light of the debateover China and the expectations that are being cultivated for a so-called socialism with “Chinese characteristics”. Westand by the actual facts.

In China, capitalist relations of production begun to prevail many years ago, monopolies were created, more than 60% of the GDP is created by large enterprises, trillions of dollars are exported, capital to other countries and penetration is accelerating with the “new Silk Road”, the exploitation of labor power is strengthening domestically and, in the countries, where their capital is invested. InChinathereareabout 1000 billionaires who can be and are members of the party, in its leadership, in the National Assembly.

Consequently, there is no basis for comparison with the NEP in post-revolutionary Russia, in the early 1920’s, when it took its first steps toestablishsocialist foundations and was forcedto make temporary concessions for workers’ power to survive and to gain time in its conflict with the bourgeoise and counter-revolution, to wage a counter-attack.

TheCPChina speaks of “universal prosperity” yet it is the monopolies and their profits that are prospering. Theworkingclassastheexploited class lives with low wages and low pensions, without free health services, education, with a low level of social rights, with unemployment.

The fact that absolute poverty in China, which is estimated at a few dollars a day, has been reduced is not proof that socialism is being built. The key question is why there is mass poverty for the people and great wealth for big capital.

China has a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) around 14,4 trillion dollars based on 2019 statistics, it is vying for first place in the capitalist system with the USA with the bourgeoise and its profits as the driving force, it has a high level of productive forces, and it certainly cannot be described as a “developing country.”

Socialismwithmonopolies, with capitalists and exploitation did not exist, it does not exist, and will not exist. The exploitative relations will be reproduced and will refute the positions regarding the construction of a contemporary and powerful socialist country in the 2nd 100-year period as the CP China claims.

The social ownership of the means of production and a market economy are opposing concepts and the gap cannot be bridgedwith a self-designated “socialist market economy”, a concept that produces confusion and delusions.

If the communist movement accepts capitalism as socialism, the crisis will deepen and the road towardsregroupmentwill become even steeper.

The working class cannot stand under the flag of any capitalist center, it does not choose monopolies depending on their origin. Ittotally opposestheirexploitativenature.

In Greece a few days ago the workers of the COSCO monopoly in the Port of Piraeus mourned their dead fellow worker due to the intensification of labor and the lack of protective measures for their safety and their lives. They immediately organized a strike mobilization which lasted 7 days and they fought for their demands.

The employers utilized a strike-breaking mechanism, turning to bourgeois courts tohave the strike characterized illegal, but the workers continued on and emerged as victors, the monopoly was forced to essentially satisfy their demands and the struggle continues.

(…) The KKE is carrying out a broad political opening and calls upon the working class, the poor and middle farmers and professionals, scientists, young men and women, women of the popular strata, all those who are struggle for their rights, who are concerned about the developments, to align themselves with KKE, together in the daily struggle, for salaries and pensions, for health and education, all of the people’s problems, to escalate the struggle for the abolition of anti-popular laws. To strengthen the struggle against the involvement of the country in the imperialist schemes of the USA, of NATO and the EU.

Within this struggle the regroupment of the labor movement will decisively move forward, the social alliance that will give impetus to the organization of the popular counterattack, in the creation of the conditions for the overthrow of the power of capital, for socialism, the truly progressive solution, for the abolition of exploitation, disengagement from the EU and NATO, for people’s prosperity.

The KKE leads the way in the class struggle and has a plan for today and tomorrow, a contemporary revolutionary Program, that will shed light on the way out in today’s struggle for all the labor-popular problems, the conditions needed to provide a solution.

History has shown that only the people can save the people whenthey decisively walk the path of overthrow to take the helm of power in their own hands.