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The youth with the KKE, for a world without exploitation and wars

The 26th Anti-imperialist Camp of KNE was completed with great success on Sunday, a beautiful meeting of thousands of young people from all over the country, who coordinated their steps with Ioannina as their destination. There, they took part in multiform political and cultural activities, gaining experience from the history of the communist movement, to continue in the front line of the struggle for popular demands, against imperialism, in the road of struggle for a future without wars and exploiters.

From a geographical area near the northwestern borders of Greece, with a great importance, they declared that the peoples of the Balkans have as common interest the struggle against the system that bears poverty, wars, exploitation.

The thousands of young people also honoured the fight of the previous generations of the communist movement of the country. They came in contact with sides of the history of the youth of KKE during the years 1922-1943 and they held an event in the space that for almost 10 years operated as the Disciplinary Platoon of Kalpaki, which was a military camp of tortures for the communist soldiers by the Greek bourgeois state. There KNE and KKE inaugurated a monument in honour of the unbroken communist soldiers, declaring that KKE and KNE do not forget their heroes, that they remember, they learn from their example, they demonstrate it and carry it all over the country.

Both days passed with the unique way that these events have achieved all these years,  combining the content of political demands with recreation, the acquaintance with history, the contact with all forms of art, leaving their impression, sending messages of fight and hope. The thousands of young people gave life to the park of Pyrsinella that hosted the camp. A space that had been abandoned for 10 years, which with the voluntary work of members and friends of KNE and KKE was handed over to the people and the youth of the city in a better situation.

The peak of the events of the Camp was the great political rally on Saturday in the city of Ioannina, where GS of the CC of KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas was the main speaker.

In his speech D. Koutsoumpas criticized the anti-people’s policy of the government of SYRIZA- ANEL, especially against the new generation, as well as for the implication of the country in the imperialist wars of NATO, the USA and the EU and he highlighted that “the popular struggle should put on its target the system the bears wars, poverty and unemployment” and added, referring to the only alternative way-out , socialism, and to the 100 years since the October Revolution: “To honour October, means first of all to fight today under the same flag, that of socialism- communism, until its final victory.”

Furthermore, referring to the effort of the young people to learn the history of the labour and communist movement, he emphasized: “We, the communists, we have every reason to study the history of the revolutionary labour movement of our country and internationally. We are taught, we are inspired, we reach important conclusions that give us power, boldness and revolutionary optimism in our daily fights for the overthrow of exploitation, the construction of a new society”.