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The Communist and Workers' Parties that cooperate in the framework of the "International Communist Review" are in solidarity with the CP of Venezuela

The Communist and Workers parties that cooperate and support the International Communist Review denounce the attempt to outlaw the CP of Venezuela. The National Electoral Council of the country is making demands in relation to the renewal of the PCV’s legalization as a recognized party with conditions that are unacceptable for a communist party and in essence is threatening the PCV with being made illegal for the 4th time in its history.

Specifically, it is demanding that the PCV and other parties hand over the names and complete details of their members to the bourgeois state, on the basis of a law imposed in 1965 by the anticommunist police-state regime of the period. 

 The PCV over its entire history has been targeted by mechanisms of the bourgeois state, which utilized every means available in order to subjugate it, but the communists resisted.

The PCV has a history of more than 86 years of struggles, sacrifices and contribution to the working class and people of Venezuela. It has come forwards at difficult moments, like today with the intensification of the interventions and pressure of imperialism and the sharpening of the capitalist crisis in the country, as the consistent leading defender of the interests of the working class and the people’s rights against capital, the monopolies, imperialism.

The Communist and Workers Parties declare their full support with the PCV. We call on the working class and the popular strata, the trade unions and the organizations of the people’s movements in our countries to express their multifaceted solidarity with the PCV, to defend the party of the Venezuelan working class, to demand together with us that the government of the country immediately puts a stop to the process against the PCV and ensures the free political activity of the communists. 


The parties that participate in the International Copmmunist Review:


Workers’ Party of Hungary

Communist Party of Greece

Socialist Party of Latvia

Communist Party of Luxembourg

Spain Communist Party of Mexico

Communist Workers’ Party of Russia

Comunist Party of the Peoples of Spain

Communist Party of Turkey

Communist Party of Venezuela

Union of Communists in Ukraine